These testimonials are from parents of Tessa International School:


“Tessa has been a wonderful experience for our entire family.  We see our daughter advancing on so many levels and get excited about the learning development she is receiving at this school. The staff is extremely responsible, dedicated and demonstrates a strong level of professionalism. We love the teacher to child ratio and the curriculum is far superior to anything else we’ve seen in Hoboken. Our daughter has disliked any other drop-off programs we’ve tried – but she absolutely loves going to Tessa!” Sienna’s Parents.


“My son’s first exposure to school (of any kind) was TESSA. We were amazed at the pace at which he got acclimatized to TESSA and adjusted to being away from home and his parents. My son’s understanding of English was little to none when he joined TESSA in January 2017. It never bogged down his enthusiasm to make friends and have fun at school. Six months down the line, he happily teaches us Spanish (to our delight) and is taking every opportunity to converse in English at home and outside. We are amazed at the Spanish and English vocabulary he has built over the last six months. I am pretty sure that within the first two months of the next academic year he is going to be as good as any native English speaker of his age. I wanted to conclude this email with an incident that happened in a local grocery store yesterday: my son walks to the attendant at the cash register and politely asks her, ‘Can you please give me a sticker?’ and then says, ‘Thank You,’ with a smile. He then turned to me and said, ‘Let me hold the bag.’ I am very positive that my son will be a true tri-lingual.” Nithilan’s Parents.


“To everyone at Tessa. We would like to thank you for the care and kindness that you have shown to our son and our family. The school did a wonderful job helping our son adjust to his very first school and his first experience being away from his parents. The classroom provided an environment where he was able to gain new friends and for the most part he looked forward to school most mornings. He has grown in confidence and we attribute that to the security he felt with his teachers. We were also very pleased with the language program, that he managed to actually pick up new languages in a very short period of time, often surprising us with a new song and even counted to 10 in French suddenly and unprompted within a short space of time. We would have definitely liked for our son to continue at Tessa, but circumstances with our relocation prevent that. Thank you again and all the best from us.” Caleb’s Parents.


“We are very pleased with the education Tessa has been providing for our son. We feel they offer an environment in which he can thrive and shine. In the few months he’s been there, his knowledge of Spanish has grown tremendously. We love hearing him count and sing in Spanish! And we can tell the teachers and administration care about each and every one of the students; he is genuinely happy to go to school each day. We are very happy to be a part of the Tessa family!” Nicholas’s Parents.


“Originally, as parents, we were interested in Tessa to provide the gift of a second language to our son. We believe strongly that we live in a more global world than ever and that being able to speak more than one language will be essential to our son’s success. This goal is what brought us initially to Tessa. When we started looking for schools in Hoboken, we did compare several other schools. The other schools appeared to be more commercial than Tessa, and less focused on the individual child’s development with much larger class sizes, and nothing overly special. From the get-go when we enrolled our son to now, we have been impressed by the individualized attention and small classes at Tessa. All of the teachers and staff have been genuinely caring, and have provided a strong curriculum for learning. The Tessa parent community is progressive and dedicated to the school as well. In addition, we have been very pleasantly surprised by not only the second language development, but also the tangential effect of English whereby we have seen an explosion in our son’s English verbal abilities – we did not foresee the greatly increased English acuity as an added positive result.” Jack’s Parents.


Our family chose Tessa International school for many reasons. At the top of our list were the world cultures focus and dual language opportunities that the school provides for our daughter in her daily life. At Tessa, our daughter is able to grow and learn in an environment that is accepting and open. Learning two languages allows her to engage in a way that shows her there is more to the world than her local surroundings.

We also love that the Tessa team takes the time to understand the children and adapt learning activities to fit their learning profiles. We couldn’t be happier with the program and are excited to grow with Tessa.  Evie’s Parents.





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